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Journals, Magazines
BusinessWeek Online

Gateways, Portals

Administrative Professionals
Administrative Resource Network
Cybertown Campus Business School

Complete Guide to Ethics Management
Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing
Unorganization : The Company

Reference, Tools
Business Letters
Electric Teacher FrontPage Tutorials
GATEWAY PORTALS - Downloadable Dictionary
Microsoft Office Online
Microsoft Education - Instructional
Online Technical Writing
Resources - Tutorials
VentureLine Accounting Terms-Dictionary-Glossary

American Society of Corporate Secretaries
International Association of Administrative Professionals
Association for Information Management Professionals
Business Professionals of America
National Business Education Association
National Virtual Assistants Society
Executive Virtual Professionals Association
International Virtual Assistants Association
American Management Association
National Association of Executive Secretaries and Administrative Assistants
International Association of Virtual Office Assistants
National Association of Legal Secretaries
National Association of Legal Assistants

Administrative Assistants
JobBank USA - Secretaries
U.S. Dept. of Labor - BLS - OOH - Receptionists and Information Clerks
U.S. Dept. of Labor - BLS - OOH - Secretaries and

Georgia Merit System
U.S. Small Business Administration
U.S. Department of Labor