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ANGEL ~ A New Global Environment of Learning

Online courses are administered through Georgia Virtual Technical Connection (GVTC) using the internet-based ANGEL Learning System.

You will access your online course through ANGEL ( using the naming convention of 37_STUDENTIDNUMBER (note there are no spaces & there is an underscore separating the two digit college identifier and your student ID.) 

PASSWORD: 37_STUDENTIDNUMBER (same as username)

Please change your password once you have logged successfully into ANGEL. ANGEL is a secure site, so it is important that you do not share your login and password with others.

If you are not sure of your student ID, please contact the Registrar's office at 229.891.7000.

Instructions for ANGEL

The following information applies to those courses which use ANGEL for the Internet Course Management System.

  1. After you have properly registered for your course, it will be added to your Angel account. You will not be given access to your online course until the first day of class..

    NOTE: Although it is not required, we recommend that you complete the ANGEL online orientation located on the login page of ANGEL under the nugget of "Help and Resources >Angel Tour." All online students should be able to navigate through ANGEL before the first day of class. The orientation will help prepare you for your live online course. For more information, please contact the online staff at

  2. Using your login and password, log into
  3. Once access is granted into the ANGEL site, read the "Announcements" on the "Course" home page. Important information will be posted under Course Announcements by your instructor. Logon to the site each day to read the announcements.
  4. Click on "Calendar" to review due dates for your assignments and quizzes/exams.
  5. Click on"Lessons" to review the course syllabus, instructions for how to send files to the instructor, course policies, and other important information. Print these documents for your records.

    The "Lessons" tab also contains folders of the following:
    • Assignments - Review your weekly assignments.
    • Quizzes/Exams - Your instructor will make the quiz/exam link available on given time frames.
    • Message Board - Instructors will post questions and all students will "add post" to post responses. Everyone in the class will be able to read each others comments. Instructors often ask students to reply to one another's comments.
    • Work Ethics - You will be given a Work Ethic forum as part of your assignments. This program is designed to encourage good work habits in the areas of quality of work, ability to follow instructions, productivity, dependability, honesty, reliability, attendance and punctuality, attitude, integrity, enthusiasm, interpersonal skills, and initiative.
  6. Click on " Resources" to review the web sites that pertain to your course.
  7. Click on"Communicate" for the Discussion Forums.
  8. Click on "Reports" to review your grades.